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Inside The Cotter’s Romantic Vogue Wedding at Jorgensen Farms

When Bella & Garrett first reached out to me about their wedding day I knew it was going to be something extra special. 

a collage of detail photos from a wedding

For starters, their love for each other was genuinely so kind and pure I could sense their affection for one another through the zoom screen. They shared how they had met in anatomy lab and it took about 2 YEARS before Garrett asked Bella out, but ever since they had only grown more affectionate toward each other. 

a beautiful bride sitting on the floor
a bride sitting on a sofa
closeup of a bride sitting on a sofa
a groom looking to the right
a groom having a touching moment with his father

I got to know them at our engagement sessions (which, if pride and prejudice style hometown horse-filled sessions are your jam, you’re gonna get teary-eyed over this) and was so eager to capture their wedding day. 

bridesmaids helping fluff the bride's dress

On this warm March morning, the girls watched Princess Bride while getting ready, taking breaks between mascara applications to quote iconic lines from the film and exchange hugs with each other. 

bridesmaids looking fondly at their bride as she gets ready

They savored the Jorgensen bridal suites and fresh breakfast while the boys joked about Shrek and belly-laughed over Garrett’s personalized gifts for each of them just across the way.

a bride sharing a nice moment with mom and her brother

The parents huddled in the corners of the rooms, teary eyed at the sight of their kids all dressed up. 

I remember holding back tears of my own as Bella’s father exchanged the most meaningful gift to his daughter on her wedding morning—a necklace she had worn as a child that once was broken, now fixed and made new.

a bride hugging her mom and dad as they cry together

Bella’s mom and bridesmaids helped her finalize her look and enjoyed the calm company as guests started to arrive. Mom wiped a tear away watching her twin children all grown up and dressed for the occasion.

When the ceremony began, guests were welcomed into Jorgensen: The Gardens’ venue to live music, candle light, and a stunning greenery wall. 

a stunning greenery wall at Jorgensen Farms
detail shots of a wedding ceremony with chairs, candles, musicians and guests

 The ceremony tied the couple together through emphasizing their faith, compassion for one another, and deep love for their current and future families. 

a bride walking down the aisle with her mom and dad
a bride and groom going in for a kiss
a groom looking fondly at his bride during their wedding ceremony
a bride and groom celebrating as they walk down the aisle during the recessional
a groom looking lovingly at his bride as they walk back down the aisle during the recessional
a bride with her bridesmaids
a groom with his groomsmen
a closeup of a bride's wedding bouquet
a bride and grooming grinning from ear to ear

As the guests made their way to cocktail hour, it began to rain.

The newlyweds slow danced to the sound of thunder rolling in, as warm spring rain ushered in their first few moments of marriage. 

a bride and groom walking through the rain with umbrellas with the bridal party

The reception was set for a cozy celebration—guests could enjoy hot tea and cider, candlelight table scapes, local dessert, and the best of Jorgensen’s plated meals. 

a wedding reception table filled with candles
detail shots of a wedding reception
a wedding reception table
a bride and groom praying with each other at their wedding reception

After heartwarming speeches from family, the Cotters danced the night away with their loved ones before ending the night with a last dance and a bubble exit. 

a bride and groom crying over sweet speeches
various shots of a happy couple on their wedding day
a beautiful wedding ceremony at Jorgenson
a blurred shot of a bride and groom hugging each other
a beautiful wedding reception before guests arrive at Jorgensen
a bride and groom's final send off
Jorgensen Farms
a groom looking lovingly at his bride as she dances with her father

Cheers forever to Bella & Garrett Cotter. 


Wedding Coordinator: Merissa Maceyko 

Videography: Tyler Neading 

Linens: Miller Textiles 

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