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Tired of Youtube-ing every little thing when it comes to your photography business?


Looking for a place to learn your niche of wedding photography in a way that just makes sense?


Tired of crafting gorgeous images and getting stuck on how to share them on social media?!


Welcome, friend.


Forget the four-year photography degree from your local college (and the mountains of student loan debt you'll pay off for forever). I sat through photo classes for years in undergrad just waiting for someone to teach me this information.


Today, as a self-taught photographer with a multi-six-figure photo business and 11+ years of experience, I want to teach you everything I wish I learned at art school to save you the time and money.


Allow this space to be your resource center for clear business strategies and artistic solutions to help you launch and sustain your photo biz. There are two learning options:

  1. a three-part learning mentorship suite or

  2. individual virtual coaching calls


You can bring your hot topics to the table. (Seriously, anything you're curious about!).


Past students have asked about:

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Branding & Design

  • Finances & Bookkeeping

  • Client Communication

  • Lightroom & Editing

  • Backups & Workflow

  • Pricing Strategy for Profit 

  • Portfolio Review/Brand Audits

  • My bad dance moves

  • (and lots more!)

From there, I'll create a custom plan to guide us from where you are to where you want to go.


After your time with me, I'll send you on your way with relevant resources for all things photog and add you to my community group to connect with other creatives in your area so you never have to feel alone in the business world.


Time is too precious to stay stuck right where you are. We both know your clients are out there just waiting for what you have to offer! And I can't wait to help you grow as you go.

Not only did I gain an incredible mentor, I found a friendship with India through our time together that can't be replaced! India validated all of my concerns as a photographer and made me feel more capable of growing my photography business than I have ever felt before. She answered the questions that I didn't even know I had and went out of her way to make sure that she was serving me, while making the experience so much fun. If you are looking for someone to bring out your wild, passionate, and creative spirit, I would recommend India as a first choice!
— Jaclyn W. 
Edu Selection

virtual mentorship suite

Ready to boost your business? Get curated resources and quality, one-on-one time while gathering what you need for your photo business. We'll start with a complimentary discovery call to map out your needs. Bring up whatever blocks you're facing and we'll map out time to cover any and all topics over the next few weeks.

We'll schedule out your 3 calls from there on out then have Q&A-style coaching calls to go in depth, answer all your questions, give homework challenges and create strategies to boost your business.

By your last call, you'll walk away with clarity, strategy & inspiration for you next season of business. 

Best for new photographers bursting with questions or those who want consistent coaching in multiple areas of business.

Virtual Mentorship Suite: 

  • one (1) introductory 20min discovery call to map out your top needs and goals

  • three (3) jam-packed 60min virtual coaching calls conducted over 8 weeks of time diving deep into your business goals and specific strategies to help get there 

  • visual brand audit (website, social presence, client facing materials, images)

  • homework challenges 

  • exclusive software offers & relevant resources for your brand

  • notes recapping each session

$1,500 | paid one time 

q&a call 

Just want to pick my brain for a bit? A solo coaching call is the perfect option for curated time spent covering your needs right now.


Whether you're 5 days or 5 years into the business, you can bring any topic up for discussion during these one-on-one sessions!


We can go at your pace: Q&A style, or tackle a big topic (like Lightroom, Honeybook automations, or Up-leveling Your Client Experience) during our session. 

  • 1hr virtual coaching call (or in person pending availability) 

$400 | per 60min call 



for your business

I cannot talk about this tool ENOUGH!! My business truly would not be where it is without Honeybook and I get to share a HUGE discount with you—take 50% OFF of your first year at Honeybook with my code indiajadephoto

HB ad.png

Designing emails always used to stress me out. I am so grateful to Flodesk for their simple design and process of email marketing (it's how I get the word out about all the things I care about!!) I'm excited to offer 50% OFF your first year with my exclusive link. Enjoy!


My number one tip for budding photographers?! Get a contract (everytime). Paige and her team are absolute rockstars and created the contracts I have used with hundreds of clients. They do 2 sales each year and that makes for the best time to buy your contracts and get legally covered. Check them out here!

Favorite Contracts.png

Ready to level up? Whether you're an LLC, or S corp wanting to keep your books in order in the best way, I want to share my bookeeper with you! Collective is the team in place to help my business finances stay in tact and debunk taxes into something less-anxiety inducing. Use my code INDIAMCCUE to sign up!

collective for web.png

P.S. With tech and algorithms constantly changing, I'm always learning right along side of you! I have 10+ years of experience with a camera and will always be investing in my own education, diving into how to tell stories to speak to the human in all of us. If you vibe with an honest coach who will be your biggest cheerleader then let's discover all things, business, together. Learn a lil more about my story here.

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