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From product photos, and styled shoots—

to tiktoks and try-ons, I've gottchu.


Looking for a caffeinated hype girl to tell the world how cool your product is?! Hey, you're in the right spot.

With over 10 years in the wedding industry and a playful presence online, I reach an audience of creative millennials who are seeking ethical, elevated brands to better their home, and travel

I'm known for my ridiculously unhinged Instagram stories, "little bit of everything" approach to our Tiktok, and relatability in my honest product reviews.

P.S. Trust is everything to me. I have built an online audience that trusts my word; I only accept brand collabs with brands I feel like I can truly get behind—the more ethical, organic, sustainable and transparent, the better!

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honest, elevated, scroll-stoppers

what do you need, now?

In an ever-changing world of social media ran by algorithms and chat gp, your brand deserves quality, honest content that stands out. Here's what I offer:

  • Instagram Feed Posts (perfect for my storytelling style & in-depth captions!)

  • Instagram Stories (perfect for direct product and affiliate links!)

  • Tiktoks & Reels (great for subtle product placement, try-ons, and voiceover-style advertising)

  • Podcast Ads (dual-posted to our Youtube version of the same content)

  • Blog Features (great for affiliate links, and multiple products)


UGC & posting

Let's be honest, not all posts go viral. That's why I include spark codes in my posts and the option of creating UGC raw content for your team to manage and take to the next level.


Whichever you choose, you can trust you've got a wide-eyed fangirl to champion your brand on.


Have something else in mind? Email me your pitch!

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