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5 ways to create more than consume

We hear it all the time: create more than consume. But how do we actually know what that looks like? One way, is by looking at our relationship with nature.

No matter what religion, ethnicity, or political party you vote for, we all share one thing in common: We live on this earth. (Unless you’re an astronaut or something I guess you’re an exception🤔🚀) God created this big beautiful earth to sustain life!!! And what’s even CRAZIER, He gave it to humans to cultivate and keep.

Yet, if we're being honest, we do a pretty sucky job at that sometimes. Though, we are all created to create—especially when it comes to the *one thing* we all share. It can seem overwhelming, or even a little bit hopeless. But I don’t think feeling small is a good enough excuse to stop living out the calling that God has placed on humanity. There’s so much to learn and so much room to grow, but for today here 5 small tips that you can start to practice to help give a little extra love to this planet we call home: 🌿1. Recycle | cardboard, glass, paper products & select plastic! If you don’t have a bin, ask your landlord or waste management company. It's the minimum to keeping this ecosystem going. 🌿2. Thrift | Y’all know I’m a BIG fan of thrifting! Sustainable, budget-friendly, way to keep clothes & goods out of the dumpster & in use! I would say about 90% of my closet is thrifted and 75% of our home decor is second hand. To me? That's #goals. Thrifting is a little treasure hunt each time and helps you and those around you.

🌿3. Reuse | empty glass pickle jar? Throw some goo gone at that and turn it into food storage. Canvas tote? Your new reusable grocery bag. Old container of legit any kind? Meet your new planter. The longer you can keep an item's lifecycle going, the longer it stays out of the landfill and the more creative and innovative your space becomes. Waste less starts with wasting less. 🌿4. Travel with intentional | This one can feel daunting. I totally get it. There's only so much you can do. But little things do add up, and again, if everyone made these intentional decisions, what kind of world would we live in? Ride your bike instead of drive, carpool when you can, take public transportation or consider alternative fuel (we have been thinking this track for our next vehicle!). 🌿5. Use less | consumerism crumbles when we find contentment in what we have. Ask if you *really* need it before the purchase. I’d guess about 50% of the time the answer is nahhhhh. And if you really do want a new item, what can you trade or sell to help out with the cost or purpose of the item? Swap, donate or trade can help cut out the need for more mass made products and saves waste worldwide. How about you?! What ways creating and cultivating when it comes to nature?

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