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What to wear to ROCK your engagement session!

Your engagement session is a way to tell the story of who you two are.

Whether you've been engaged for a few years or a few seconds seconds, this post is built to help you ROCK your engagement photo session! So CONGRATULATIONS once more, friend! Let's dive in.

First things first—who the heck are ya?! (Rephrase: who are you as a couple?!).

Do you vibe with skate parks and IPAs? Jazz and an evening out? Art galleries and ice cream? Breakfast in bed?

(And yes, all the above is a legitimate answer!)

Naming a few activities and aesthetics you and your fiancé enjoy will help frame your engagement session (and possible inspire a theme, too!). Incorporating a date theme or location can guide your session look, but most importantly, help you look and feel like you.

There's nothing more cringy to me than to see a stunning couple looking stiff as all get out in their photos—sometimes looking like total strangers! When I'm working with my clients, my goal is for them to feel 100,000,000% like themselves. They way I see it, your engagement session is simply your fave date that I'm proudly third wheeling on. And with that, we say PEACE OUT to the uncomfy, we-aren't-good-at-photos, thoughts! We'll replace them with authentic conversation, real life giggles, and the rawness of your partnership.

But before all that photoshoot fun, you have to pick something to wear!


Now, I have photographed hundreds of couples over the years, and I can say with full confidence that what you wear to your photo session matters. After all, you are investing in these images, right?! I highly recommend investing some styling effort to your wardrobe, too. Rethink those running shoes, that stain on your pants, the neon nail polish—if it's the look you want then I am ALL IN! But I promise that intentional thought will help your photos truly look like you for years to come.

P.S.!! I linked some outfit elements from brands I've shopped before (like the marvelous GiGi Pip!) to help ease your shopping experience!


Ready to rock your session?! Here are some of my tips on what to wear:

Neutrals (India's fave to photograph!)

  • Trendy, timeless, raw

  • Any location

  • Stands out with color pops/unique locations (wild flower field, sandstone quarry, mountainside)

Inspo (bros): Beige tee, olive green joggers, black combat boots, gold accent ring

Black & Whites, Shades of Gray

  • Smart, casual, dynamic, timeless

  • Any location (pops in cityscapes)

  • Pairs well with spot colors, accent jewelry

Inspo (bros/babes): Pair a white v-neck with a black leather jacket, black skinnies, gold jewelry, fave sneakers and a tan GiGi Pip Dahlia hat

Dress it up (Spring/Summer)

  • Sophisticated, sharp, formal

  • Skylines, rooftop bar, small town stroll

  • Sundresses, heels, slacks, button downs

Inspo (babes): Mauve, a-line cocktail dress with hand-crafted earrings, bangles, heels

Inspo (bros): Beige dress slacks (cuffed), formal loafers, white button down, blue/grey blazer

Dress it up (Fall/Winter)

  • Sophisticated, warm, formal

  • Skylines, lounges, dessert

  • Floor-length gowns, faux-fur, blazers, ties

Inspo (babes): Deep pine velour gown, black heels, opal drop earrings, black sequin handbag

Inspo (bros): Black button down shirt, minimalist watch, charcoal grey slacks, black leather dress shoes

Stripes & Geometry

  • Modern, European, Preppy, Clean

  • Thin/chunk/pin stripes, block/geometric statement pieces

  • Color blocked walls, exposed brick, tennis courts, museums

Inspo (bros/babes): red and white stripped tee, light wash denim jeans, cuffed beanie, white Converse sneakers

Florals & Patterns

  • Free spirited, bohemian, nomadic, wanderer

  • Stripes, florals, mandalas; tattoos can be a pattern!

  • Pairs well with outdoor locations, open fields, pine forests

Inspo (babes): multi-colored elephant pants, mustard yellow lace crop top, statement earrings, strappy sandals

Inspo (bros): floral button down shirt, cuffed pastel shorts, Chacos

Layer & Texture

  • Cabin-Cozy, Heartfelt, Modest

  • Knit, denim, leather; add a cardigan, jacket, kimono, scarf

  • Natural hair can add stunning texture and freedom to the images!

Inspo (babes): off the shoulder sweater, fitted crop top layered, black leather jacket, layered necklaces, pearl stud earrings, fitted black bottoms

Inspo (bros): turtleneck, pea coat, fedora, black denim

Monochrome Matchy-Matchy

  • Spunky, Hip, Relevant

  • Head to toe or majority of the look in the same color

  • Tone variations pop in different scenes

Inspo (babes/bros): All white: joggers, white socks, Reboks, white tee (tucked in), white beanie, accent glasses

Accessories that are YOU

  • Engagement ring (obvi)

  • Any go-to earrings? Sentimental necklaces? Socks that are YOU?

  • Add a hat! I personally swear by GiGi Pip hats as they often add an element of adventure and freedom to the session.

With whatever you choose, remember that engagement photos are simply pictures to announce that you are marrying the love of your life. They will be there for you to look back on when you are old and wrinkly, and stand as a reminder of youthful, blissful, romantic moments that spark the greatest adventure of your life.

Enjoy it, breathe it in, and don't sweat it. What you wear fades in comparison to the love that you grow together and the mountains of memories ahead. Rock the photos sesh (followed by a makeout sesh!?!) and enjoy every freaking moment of your engagement season.


India Jade

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