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What Will Be the Biggest Wedding Trends in 2024?

You already know it to be true: wedding trends—like all trends—come and go. 


It is most important that couples getting married do exactly what they want to celebrate their marriage rather than what's viral on Tiktok. 


But as a wedding photographer of over 11 years (and unofficial anthropologist) I love noticing what they choose to do when it comes to their own wedding day. 


I'm just a few weeks into the 2024 wedding season and wanted to catalog your wedding trend predictions as well as my own and see what sticks. At the end of the year I'll revisit my own client weddings and we'll see what we got right. Are you in?!


Without further ado, here are my predictions for 2024 wedding trends: 

(P.S. Prefer to listen? Tune into my episode 13 of my podcast to enjoy this episode on Spotify or Youtube)

(P.P.S. Some of these images are mine, most are not and simply used as inspiration; artist credit given in captions where applicable) 

iridescent / opal accents 

  • As seen on Haley Bieber’s glazed donut nails, the inside of sea shells and the sheer lining of a silky wedding slip   

Blue and lilac flowers 

  • Springy florals with a pop, these bulbs add a complimentary spot of color amidst the monochrome arrangements 

Vintage cakes - small cakes  

  • Not your grandma’s wedding cake, but similar in spirit. Just add ruffled icing for the literal cherry on top. 

More old money/classy dress silhouette

  • Simple gowns that do all the talking 

Wedding weeks and weekends 

  • Because why not make your wedding day a full experience? Your guests will save on multi-date travels and costs, and invest in an unforgettable party you’ll never get over.

Experimental groom looks 

  • The classic tux is out, let’s hear it for the style movers, unconventional yet classy get the idea 

Mix-matched bridal party attire

  • It’s giving candid style with an elevated flair 

Less sparklers, more petal and rice tosses 

  • Eco friendly and oh so classy 

More long family style table setups 

  • Best served with taper candles and entrees family style 

More multi-location wedding days 

  • Spreading out the festivities while honoring tradition, religion, and your guests itinerary 

Phone call guest book

  • Forget written accolades, how about a keepsake of your loved one’s voice for ever and ever? Into it. 

Last dances 

  • Bookend the dance floor with you and your love. A simple solution to sending your guests out with love and creating a moment so savor your wedding night before it ends. 

Well what else would you add to this predictions list? We’ll see what this wedding season holds and how you celebrate your love in your own unique way.  

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