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22 indoor date ideas (that aren't dinner and a movie)

We've all been there—you and your boo are trying to think of something to do for date night. You might think of a fun idea or two but when it comes down to putting the plan in place one of you looks at the other and says:

"well, what do you want to do?"


The good news: you are most certainly not alone.

The better news? I've got some fresh date night ideas for ya.

Now I know that sometimes life and work can suck the energy out of you making date nights feel like a chore if they require more energy than popping on Netflix and sinking into your sectional. I added a simplicity score to help you map out your energy capacity as you plan.

I also included a range here (budgeting is real, folks) so I included a dollar range on the ideas that might add up. Most of these ideas range between $10-50, and will hopefully spark some fun in your marriage or relationship.

01 candlelight concerts 

I'm taking my husband to one of these in a week and I truly cannot wait! You can find these in your city or area through the Candlelight Concert site here.

simplicity: medium | cost: $$

02 jazz night

Similar to the concert vibe, but usually much more affordable. Jazz nights are free-flowing evenings usually at a bar or jazz club where guests can stay for as much or as little time as they'd like. If there is not a cover charge or admission fee, it's courtesy to buy a drink and tip well to support the musicians. However, if you are sober or just want to enjoy the music, plan on contributing a few extra dollars as a thank you.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

03 art museum

your city's local art museum is a treasure trove of history, expression and emotion. a personal favorite of my husband and I, we love a simple afternoon exploring the modern wing as well as the historical sections and get transported through the eyes of people groups long before us. You never know what you will find or feel, and often the experience brings up new forms of connection for you and your partner.

simplicity: medium | cost: $$

04 thrifting for each other 

You heard me. You each pick out a thrifted outfit for the other person. Meet at the dressing rooms and have a try on fashion show. Then wear your new fit out on the town!

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

05 go ice skating 

Self explanatory, loads of fun

simplicity: medium-high | cost: $

06 go bowling 

The carpet may be from the 80's but the vibes are high as always. Also how fun Is bowling? You can easily turn it into a group date of hang for an inexpensive night of fun.

simplicity: medium | cost: $

07 picnic inside  

You don't have to go to Paris or even the park for a picnic date day. Pull all your pillows to the living room floor, cover them with blankets and set the mood with some music. Then set up a snack board or tray of your fave munchies. Fancy it up with a projector and some ambient channel on Youtube (Hogwart and chill, anyone?!)

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

08 volunteer 

Find a cause you believe in! Political organizations, animal shelters, homeless shelters or your local community center can be a good place to start. Spend your date night serving your city and see what the joint activity does to boost your relationship and conversations.

simplicity: medium | cost: 0

09 wine tasting

You can go out to your local winery, bar or vineyard and have a flight to sip. Or (the budget option we often go for) you can pick up a few wines at the store and come home for your own sipping event. Add friends to make it a group activity!

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $$

10 rock climbing

Princess Mia did it, you can too.

simplicity: high-energy | cost: $$

11 paint & sip date night

Like wine tasting but with an activity, too. And I don't just mean painting a canvas, you can paint anything together. Your walls, taper candles, pottery, shoes, denim, whatever you want!

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

12 candle making 

Get waxy, babes. One Christmas, we bought candle making supplies at hobby lobby and spent some time making candles as gifts for our friends and family. We loved the process and the result and both recommend it as a great date night. Don't want to tear up your kitchen? You can also check out your local craft store or Candle Lab location.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $$

13 make a craft cocktail or mocktail together  

Study up on a cocktail you both like or want to try. A smoky old fashioned? A brunch of bloody mary's? Whatever you choose, commit to purchasing the ingredients and learning how to make it the best way you can. Then enjoy them together with a show or conversation starter.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $$

14 book club date idea

Books, romance, cuddles. What could be better?

simplicity: low-energy | cost: 0

15 comedy club night (out or in)

The fancy pants option? Find a show at your local comedy club and get in the room for some local laughs. The budget option? Pull up a Netflix comedy special and sink into your sofa together.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

16 game night

Two person games are few and far between but a few card games do exist and can brighten up your normal meal time.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

17 baking dessert in your pj's

Chocolate chip cookies with your best friend?! Sign me up.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

18 at home spa day

Candles, pillows, soft lighting and a much needed massage. Now trade.

simplicity: low-energy | cost: $

19 a cooking class

Yes, chef is right. Freshen up your palette with a pro cooking class! Walk away with new recipes and a delicious dinner.

simplicity: medium-high | cost: $$

20 pottery class

Not just painting, but throwing clay. It's messy, steamy, and usually process your own take home art after the kiln.

simplicity: medium-high | cost: $$$

21 runaway to the beach (or staycation)

Our fave. Alternative option: find a hotel or b&b within 30min of your home and rent a room for a night. The views, sheets and lobby alone can help refresh your mind and renew your relationship. Make sure the hotel has a hot tub or jacuzzi (a complete must).

simplicity: medium-high | cost: $$$

Which date ideas are you ready to try? Drop a comment with the one you want to try next and tag your crush.

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