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2 Years of Marriage in the Alaskan Mountains

I didn’t know a lot when we got married.

I didn’t know that we would actually start doing the things we had dreamed about.

I didn’t know how much richer life would actually be.

I didn’t know how much laundry would accumulate on the chair…and the floor.. and the couch. (seriously, no one warned us how fast that stuff piles up!?)

I didn’t know how precious it would be to make up stupid words together and talk like actual children with a growna$$ man.

I didn’t know how seen and supported I could feel.


This year we carried on our tradition of renewing our vows through a a private moment together. We had traveled to the literal North Pole, Alaska for work. But built in one extra day in our timeline just for us.

Now, shockingly, the North Pole is freezing. And not near any of the scenery Alaska is known for. So we knew we'd have to drive for the moment we wanted.

But what we did not keep in mind, was how little daylight there'd be.

We began the 2.5 hour drive down towards the iconic Alaskan Mountain range—a 600-mile spread of snow capped peaks stretching across the state. This range is home to Mt. Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and 3rd highest in the world. Now on a typical trip, we would've arrived early, mapped out our spot, taken our sweet time and shared our reflections in a peaceful view.

But let's be real, this was no typical trip.

The roads were icy. Like, very icy. I guess that's what you get when the high is 2° all week.

We had to drive extremely cautiously in our rental car around the windy roads covered in black ice and frozen snow. We were getting closer, but the sun started setting. And the peaks we had hopped to see were still far from reach.

We had a choice—risk driving further towards the mountains to reach them with no daylight and little cell service, or pull over on the side of the road and spend our 2 year vow renewal chilly and next to a freeway.

We chose the side of the road.

Sliding out of the car, we found our way to the edge of a bridge over a glacial stream. The sun setting behind us, mountain range behind us, and enough of a chill to make me want to move to the equador permanently, we held hands and shared what this mile marker meant to us.


Ian, my little Ians (with an s on the end bc again, we speak like infants) made everything I didn’t know something of a joy to learn.

For every unknown there’s Ian, as steadfast and loving as on our wedding day. He is consistently the man I said yes to, and somehow at the same time, he’s growing with me into the best man I will ever know.

Two years of marriage. It doesn’t feel like the right number. Where did the time go? Weren’t we just standing outside of a mansion on a warm November day and dancing with our friends until the sparklers died out? And yet, how has it only been 2 years. How are there so many feelings and memories we’ve shared?

No, I’ve decided that there’s still a lot I don’t know. So i guess we’ll just have to spend the rest of our lives together to find out a little bit more.

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