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15% OFF Photo Albums! (and yes, this code works!)

Picture this: you just spent thousands on your wedding photographer and you have the dreamiest photos imaginable. You LOVE your images, you're obsessed actually. You scroll through the digital gallery at work and on the toilet and when you're laying in bed. I mean, this was YOUR DAY, right!? The photos tell your love story and are just too perfect not to post about.

But then, you slowly start to forget about them.

You go about your weeks and months and every once in a while pull up the digital album again. But where's the link, again? Which one did I post? Did my parents see these yet? Maybe I should print one..but which one? There are too many great photos and too many poor printers. Where to even begin!?

Let me just say, I have BEEN THERE! I cannot tell you how many crappy Walmart print centers and CVS photo stops I've been to only to get pixelated images that curl and yellow within weeks of being exposed to the real world.

Well friend, today that all changes.

If you worked with me as your photographer, you already know your digital photo gallery is already set up to order the highest quality prints through a trusted local printer (because let’s be real, you look so dang good in these photos, why not make your prints do the same?!).

But now, I’m so excited to offer physical photo albums!!!

(peep this stunning sample album while mine comes in!)

Nothing beats cuddling on the couch while holding a hardcover, leather-bound book (with that buttery-smooth paper in your hands..ahhh yes it just feels like love, you know?!) while you gaze at your photos, reliving every second of the best day. Wedding albums are the perfect way to create something tangible, an artifact to cherish forever. This is the album that you’ll hold onto for your lifetime, the one that your grand kiddos will peek through years from now. Your images will be brought to life and at your fingertips in a whole new way through a quality that is unmatched and through an ethical, sustainable brand I truly could not speak more highly of.

(Plus, did I mention how insanely perfect this would be for a Christmas gift?!)

No more fumbling through your phone to pull up the photos you love most. And no more staring at your screen just to get your eyes tired. It's time for an heirloom artifact to tell your story for you—in your hands, in your home, and to hold onto your love forever.

If you’re ready to create your own stunning, custom album, click this link to get started!

OH! And the best part, is that you can take 15% OFF your order site-wide* with code INDIAJADE15 at checkout. Happy shopping!

(gorgeous sample album while mine comes in!)

*heads up! This code does not apply to the wedding bundles, gift cards, or design services. But any other wedding or other print materials will be 15% off when this code is applied! HUZZAH!)

P.S. This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission every time an order is placed! Feel free to share the link as it is, along with the discount code with anyone interested in ordering images and albums from your day. Thank you in advance for supporting my business and bringing your images to life!

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