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Why You Should Get Dressed

Get dressed, girl.

If you're anything like me, you've been living in sweats the last 2 years (um pandemic? Wfh, anyone?!). But after my 55th day in my thrifted sweat suit, I noticed something.

My productivity was plummeting. My tabs, and consequently, my brain was out of control. As the world around my got more confusing, it was easy to just morph into my comfiest cotton blends and be one with the sweats. But how long could I go feeling like this lethargic, always-ready-to-nap puddle of mush? This was not sustainable for my ideal lifestyle, and certainly not for work. If you're reading this nodding your head, you are not alone! But what can we do?

One thing I started playing with was clothes.

There's a direct tie in from the brain to the body. Since apparel is directly touching you, I think it's safe to say there's also a direct tie in between the mindset and clothing. Think about it like this:

  • If you have an irritating tag on a t shirt, you get more irritable until it's removed.

  • If your shoes are pinching your feet you likely won't be fully relaxed until they're off.

  • If your pants get wet from rain you won't feel warm and be able to think straight until you've changed.

See what I mean?

So if we know that what we wear affects how we feel and preform, what does that mean for us day to day?

It means if we want to be at our best, most creative, productive selves, we should practice getting the heck up, AND GETTING DRESSED!

It sounds silly and often small, but fashion truly affects us. On a separate day I'll go into more on how the fashion industry as a whole affects us through it's sourcing, workers and wages, the dangers of unethical fashion, the scary small lifecycle of products, fashion waste/sustainability, and just how much I LOVE thrifting (seriously, if you need proof just head to our tiktok (mccueties) for fashion recaps & thrift hauls!). But for today I'll give you a challenge:

The next time your groggily staring at your closet at 7am on a work day, resist picking up the softest item. There's a time and place for it, obviously (I'm a huge fan of the bra-less, sweatsuit work from home fit!), but this time, try that outfit you would wear out with friends. Or the one you know you look reallll good in. Or even the one that might be too dressed up for the office.

I know it might seem funny, but what you wear can truly set you up for success, even if it’s just a mental switch. So why not give yourself the boost you need? Why not kick in that extra motivation to tackle the day as styled, boss queen?!

You, your business, work, and life, are worth it.

Have you noticed a difference in productivity with getting dressed up?! Drop a comment below!

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