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What to wear for your fall photo session

Believe it or not, fall is fading fast. (I know, agghhhh I just barely got my pumpkin pancakes made!). But I am a great believer that fall fashion should stay at least through thanksgiving—we can debate Christmas decor timing another day—neutrals, warm tones, and cozy textures are to be fully embraced this time of year. Especially when it comes to dressing for photos.

As a photographer, I get asked all the time for recommendations on what to wear for a photo session (if you’re wondering the same thing, read this blog post here!). But the truth is, time of year plays a big role in what you’ll wear for your session and most importantly, feel confident in all season long.

Here are some of my top choices for what to wear for your fall photo session (and after!)

1. Neutrals (and not just because they’re trendy)

I love neutrals as much as the next gal. But I wouldn’t recommend them for every session and every couple. However, when it comes to fall fashion, I typically dress to let the fall colors speak for themselves. Your personality will shine, and the rich reds, yellows and pine greens around you will compliment your fall neutrals even more. Not to mention they are incredibly easy to coordinate with the whole family (I mean, everyone has something earth toned in their closest, right!?) and look timeless in photos.

2. Textures (knit sweaters, denim, leather, suede, velour)

You’ll feel more cozy with the fabrics you love on your body. Do I need to go on!? You already know what makes you feel like curling up on the couch for some shows and cider, so why not just pair it all together for a stylish fit we all love? And the best part is you can wear your coziest fit for a full day of errands before and after your photo session.

3. Boots & Mules, baby

The easiest way to elevate any fall look? Footwear. In the fall that means knee highs or ankle boots, booties, sneaker books (like these killer everlane’s I’ve been eyeing for a while) or mules. It’s a simple way to add height to your look and ground your outfit colors.

4. The game is layering

Jackets, scarves, hats, quarter zips, you name it. Nothing screams coziness than layering up a storm. Here me out, even if you live in a warmer state where fall doesn't quite cool you down, no one will know in your photos if you pull a jacket over and toss a hat on! When my husband lived in LA he said that layering is a year round art, but especially in the fall and winter. And again, you can always lose the layers as the day warms up. Start thick and swap around if needed!

5. When in doubt, confidence is key

What’s that outfit that you KNOW you look and feel good in? Try it on and see what’s missing to spruce it into an autumn look. Do you need to swap out a colorful piece for something more muted? Or trade the shoes for a boot? Would adding a hat and some gold jewelry do the trick? Odds are you already have a fit in your possession that you feel incredible in. Maybe just (pumpkin)spice it up to rock your fall photos with confidence and simplicity.


And there you have it! The thing is, we are the ones that make photos stressful. But they don’t have to be. Yes, wrangling the kids can be a nightmare, and yes, finding a date, time and outfit with your busy schedule seems like a lot. But keep in mind that the memories you will make and that your photographer will capture, are always worth it.

Now let’s get dressed and do the dang thing!

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