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Bohio Style | why rentals are in season

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Gone are the days where your ONLY option is to pay big bucks for wedding decor.

Gone are the days where you have to get an entire storage unit just for decor while you countdown the days until your space (and brain) is clear

And gone are the days where you have to purchase cheaply made, mass produced, overprices items you’ll only use one times

Sista, let me tell you something, renting is IN and it looks so good on your wedding day 😍💫

Bohio Rentals are up to 70% LESS than what you would pay to purchase decor (um yes, insert mind blown emoji). Even if you don't rent through Bohio, I hope you here the benefits of renting and RUN with it!

Did you know on average couples spend $2k-10k on wedding decor?!?

Many of those items are:

👉mass manufactured in unregulated sweatshops

👉cheaply made in quality

👉tossed out after the wedding day

Why not show the planet (and your wallet) a little love by renting your event decor!

Renting helps you:

👉save $$ (our Bohio Rentals rates are 30%-70% *lower* than buying new)

👉save stress (we have drop off and pick up options + all rentals are for 48hrs)

👉save the planet (with reused & repurposed decor you prolong an item’s lifecycle and reduce waste!)

Soooo whatcha waiting for? No seriously—clear the amazon cart, cancel that sketchy ebay pickup, and take a minute to browse the Bohio catalogue! Avoid the stress, bless your bank account and get caught up to speed on the new way to decorate for your wedding.

Would you ever rent? Drop a comment below!

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