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Bohio Style | 3 reasons to consider dried flowers:

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Is your Pinterest board popping with dreamy neutrals? Do you love the warm, western tones and elements of nature in your space?

There might be some reason to your taste outside of trends. Not only are plants, earth tones, and organic textures part of biophilic design (learn more about it, here!), but they also are all aspects of what make dried flowers so beautiful.

If you're on the fence, here are 3 reasons to consider dried florals for your home, event, or wedding day:

  • cost effective | many dried arrangements can be built with grasses, eucalyptus or bleached invasive plants like pampas grass. Even if you buy from a florist, the value is traditionally less expensive.

  • style in advance | you can arrange dried flowers at any point prior to your event and trust they’ll hold up.

  • saves forever | again, these age so well! my dried wedding bouquet is almost 2 years old & still looking gorgeous!

  • always trending | let’s be real will this look ever go out of style?! (PS, the answer is no)

  • easy to blend with color palettes | try monochromatic neutrals, or compliment with rust/sienna/red/salmon, or mix it up with pops of lilac and rose gold.

If you need more convincing, checkout the gorgeous dried arrangements in the Bohio catalogue! How would you style dried arrangements?

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