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3 Any Season Date Ideas | #DearBride

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Okay okay, so we've all been googling date ideas for months, right? Ever since the pandemic when we all started binging TV and claiming it as our sad excuse for a date night. But at the time, that's what we could do, yeah?

But rest assured, times are changing. We can get out more and get more creative with our dating game. Butttt old habits dies hard. And even my husband and I find ourselves getting stuck in the rut of date nights being the same old same old: go out, get dinner, come home.

Well, friend, I want to do more for my marriage. And I bet, regardless of what stage your love life is in, you do too.

Here are 3 any-season date night ideas for you and your boo:

  1. Painting party with a twist—One of the hobbies I've rekindled a love for in quarantine is painting. Breaking out the acrylics and smearing them on canvas helps mentally and physically. But it can also help relationally. For this date night, you'll need: - 2 canvases or pieces of cardstock - paintbrushes - paint colors of choice (I'd recommend acrylic for this, oil is more mess than needed!) - music of choice The task is simple: you'll each paint a portrait of the other person. Keep it hidden until both of you are finished. Once ready, reveal to one another!

  2. Blindfold dinner—This one can get messy, but can make for such a funny night! While I wouldn't suggest doing this while hungry (hangry impatience is a thing..) I think giving enough time for the silliness can produce a fun, flavorful date night. For this activity, you'll need: - a recipe of choice (preferably one with multiple steps like, sautéing, stiring, etc.) - ingredients needed for this recipe - blindfolds - optional: phone and phone holder (yeah, you might want a video of this) One person will put the blindfold on and the other (without the blindfold) will set up the camera and hit record. They'll then read out recipe instructions to the other, and watch the blindfolded member attempt to complete the step. Take turns about halfway through the recipe with who has the blindfold on. End the activity by sharing the meal! Heads up: chopping or anything using hot or sharp items migghhttt not be a good idea! Use wisdom during these steps by pre-slicing any items that need cut before returning to the blindfold challenge!

  3. Thrifting Date Day—A McCue favorite! One of our most favorite ways to stir up our fashion creativity and get a little fun going out of the house is by thrifting with each other. This is a sustainable, budget-savy, unique way to get some new-to-you items in your closet while bonding with your person. For this date night, all you'll need is: - a small amount of spending cash - a thrift store You can make this as simple or as funky as you want! Head to a nearby thrift store together. Once there, you'll pick eachother's outfits and have a mini fashion show as you each try on the items. You can decide on what kind of date challenge you want to make this: - build an outfit for the other under a set amount of money (like $10 each, $20, etc.) - pick items that are all Italian themed (then wear out for pasta and wine!), or 80's themed (then parade out to a skate rink!) - or see how many fancy pieces you can get (and head out to a photoshoot afterward!)

There are so many ways to get creative in any season. No matter what you do, the goal is to connect with your person and fall in love all over again.

Have you tried any of these?! Let me know in the comments!

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