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Thrifted bday fit: sequin blazer edition

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Call me a looney tune, but in 2022 fashion seems to be equal parts subjective (consider the rise of 70's flair pants, resurgence of brown lipstick, low rise jeans, and all things 90's Rachel Green) and trend-centric. To sum it up: if you know, you know.

I like to combine the two in my looks. A nod to the what's trending now with my own spin on it, as non-ironic or outdated as it may be.

For my 25th birthday, I wanted to create a memorable outfit to usher in my quarter of a century year. To create it, I went to my first choice fashion destination: the thrift store.

I had thrifted my black faux leather pants ($7) a few years back and almosttt gave them away more than once. But per my husband's request (and better judgement) I saved them for this occasion. Now it was time for my top.

Now from the work from home life the last two years, I have been sporting sweatsuits on the daily. If not made from comfy cotton blends, most of my closet is semi casual and neutral tones. What better way to commemorate this next chapter of life than by taking a hard right with my look?

I thrifted this killer blazer ($25) from Avalon Exchange in Pittsburgh, PA. I've been there multiple times and would highly suggest a visit! Their selection features nostalgic items full of character and mid-high end brands charming the millennial in all of us.

I finished off my look with a newer style of Clark's ($25, sale price), an at home Olive & June mani, and sported my natural hair using my Curlsmith products.

I can't wait to see what sparkly, shoulder-padded, nostalgic treasures this year has in store.

P.S. This post isn't sponsored, but it does feature affiliate links!

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