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Are you on empty?

My laptop was dying quicker than I could tell. It wasn’t until the power bar switched to red that I even noticed how long I had been using it.

But if you're anything like me, you like to wait until the last possible second to get up and go find the dang charger. I mean, is anyone ever not on 11% or less???

It was a normal work day, and I was cruising through my to do list, trying to see if I could scratch off ✨oneeee✨ more item before I had to get up.

When my computer shot a 5% warning across my screen I figured “what the heck, it’s time.”

I stood up, preparing myself to walk down the short flight of stairs and mentally tried to scan the house to locate it. But before I even left my station, I glanced down and had a full palm-to-forhead moment.

My charger was right there, plugged into the wall and just inches away from my seat. My laptop simply wasn’t plugged in.

I wonder how often this happens with our faith.

We can sit so close to something—within arms reach, typically—of life-changing access to the Creator of the universe.

We’ll paint a picture of how much work it’ll take, how much “religion” we have to get into, all the theology we’ll need to learn and make up this arduous path of what it might take to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, diving into theology is good. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there tying Christianity to a centuries old practice connecting millions of saints from around the world.


✨Don’t let your perception of faith stop you from nurturing a relationship with Christ✨

I have a feeling, He’s been next to you this whole time, just waiting for you to plug in to his power.

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