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Elopement Pitch Deck

Elopement Pitch Deck


Have you ever received an elopement inquiry only to be left on a call with potential clients panicking over what to say?


Instead of sweating over what details of to include, how much to say and in what order, this pitch deck is built to get your clients excited about your work, and confident in their choice to book you as their elopement photographer.


It’s time to showcase your knowledge, expertise and skill and get ready to watch your books pop off.


This Canva template is completely customizable. fill it with your dreamy portfolio images, copy that feels like you, your brand design elements, and your client’s elopement details to ensure they get a curated experience.


here’s what you’ll find in your purchase via the links below:

1. a 38-page fully customizable canva template with starter copy, design elements and my pitch process
2. instructions on how to modify and best use for client calls
3. a full 12+ min. instructional video with client call tips from me!


Here’s to getting you booked.

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