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—my lowkey my marvel origin story

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When I was a 14-year-old with braces and a troublesome urge to create, I spent my baby sitting money on a lime green camera, launched a Facebook page, and never looked back. I jumped right into the unknowns of photography, learning and practicing my craft through years of practice, research and education. 


Today I’m an outgoing photographer serving messy lovers and couples for over nine years. 


If you vibe with personality tests, I'm an enneagram 2w3 and ENFP-T on the Myer's Briggs. I love lists, am terrible at keeping a routine, and try to live by the phrase "grace for yourself, and everybody else."


I love dad jokes, good design, pasta, a healthy cry, film, and getting outside. You can often catch me snuggled up to my husband watching Oscar-nominees and sipping on a cocktail or homemade latte.

I’m a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design and working in Marketing & Design at the Coalition for Christian Outreach. I’m also a writer, mediocre Tik-Tok maker and photography educator. But most importantly, I’m a daughter of King Jesus, and I aim to love people like Him in all I do.

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