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5 Tips for your Wedding Morning | #DearBride

I was so unsure about how our wedding morning would go.

The months leading up to it were ROUGH. With covid, moving, job changes and drama out the wazoo, I was struggling to stay present with myself and others. I was so concerned I wouldn’t be present on our wedding day and would miss the whole thing.

BUT! Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

I specifically asked God to help me stay at peace, and fully present on our wedding day.

He. Delivered.

As you craft your own special day, here are 5 tips to help you create a more peaceful morning:

✨Give yourself more time than you need | Wake up earlier than you plan to your wedding morning, get to the venue the second they’ll let you in, and encourage your crew to pack up as they go!

✨Music makes a difference | set the tone with a little warmth; try soft jazz, indie folk, alternative, r&b or just start off with a bangin’ club mix!

✨Start with no screens | the world has lots to say, why form your big day off headlines & comparison? Save screens for after your I do’s. Have your MOH handle urgent texts/calls.

✨Prioritize spiritual health | prayer, meditation, journaling, etc! I did some yoga with my ladies (highly recommended!!) and afterwards I remember sitting under a large tree writing our vows, reading scripture and meditating on God’s goodness. It laid the groundwork for the day, and exemplified how I wanted to enter into marriage.

✨Choose your people wisely | I mean it. From vendors, to bridal party, your people make a big difference as to how the day will be. That bridal suite is sacred ground—fill it with people who will pour love into you and your marriage!

Wheew not too bad, right!? If you need a little more help with logistics of the wedding morning & a list of items to bring, checkout this post here.

If you've been through a wedding before whether as a bride or bridal bestie, drop a comment with what tips you would add!

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