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What to bring on your wedding day | #DearBride

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Over the years of wedding photography, bridesmaid duties, and planning my own wedding, one question tends to get left out until the last minute: what do I actually need to bring on my wedding day?!

I get asked this question A LOT by brides. In all the planning and last minute details THE LAST thing you need is question marks around what things to remember.

When it comes to what to bring for memorable photos, I got you, girl! Here’s what you should bring on your wedding day from ya local wedding photographer (yes, you'll want to save this for later!):


  • rings & ring boxes | hear me out, don’t give them to the best man just yet! bring these gems when you get ready.

  • your invitation suite | a clean copy of all your printed elements & and envelope is just the right touch to your flat-lay

  • accessories | jewelry, veil, shoes you know how this goes! But feel free to spice it up—if there’s a necklace you were debating on, or an extra piece of lace from your alterations, maybe even a chic bridal stiff brim? pack it up for some sweet shots.

Image by Riley Beard
  • dress hanger | that plastic freebie just won’t do. If you’ve got a special one off Etsy, now is the time o shine! And if not, never fear! I have black & brown wooden hangers that I bring just for you.

  • flowers | I know I know, another obvious one. But I can’t tell you how many times the florist heads straight to the ceremony venue before we get some steamy close ups of the blooms. Jot this one down & bring your blooms to your getting ready location. You won’t regret it.


  • all accessories | I'm talking watch, cufflinks, tie, tie pin, pocket square, boutonnière, the whole set up! These details keep your memories sharp & your boo looking fly as heck!

BONUS items!

  • perfume / cologne

  • something blue

  • written/printed vows, vow books

  • gifts to one another

The possibilities are endless on your wedding day. Especially with photography, whatever decorative elements, special sentiments or gifts you bring deserve to be captured.

I hope this is helpful to my brides out there!! What else would you bring?

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