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The Best Fall Photo Spots In Central, Ohio

Who else can’t wait for their Instagram feeds to be full of cozy fall colors, recipes and (the best of all) adorable autumn photos of you and your besties?! *raises all hands and legs*

Fall is your sign to schedule a fun photoshoot for you, your friends or you and your person!

It might sound crazy, but central Ohio is underrated in the fall. Through my years of photography in and around Ohio, I have been to some of the best spots for fall photos. This list is a countdown of some of my personal favorite fall photoshoot spots to help you get pics you’ll love long after the season has faded.

Have a favorite photoshoot location not listed here? Comment below and share your snaps! But for now, here is my countdown of the top 10 Best Fall Photos Spots in Central, OH.

10. Inniswood Metro Park

Location: 940 Hempstead Rd, Westerville, OH 43081

Overview: Maintained, Botanical garden!

Vibes: Curated, Soft, Geometric

Airy, bright, floral pics for the girls? Romantic and sweet photos to announce your engagement? Perfect prom group photos? Inniswood is your place for all that (and a heck of a lot more).

With well-maintained flowerbeds, trickling streams, and wide open natural spaces, it’s impossible to not have a good time at Inniswood. Take your camera and friends for a stroll through their wooded trails, or host a photo-worthy picnic on their green.

9. Scioto Mile

Location: Downtown Columbus, OH

Overview: Walkable and bikeable asphalt path!

Vibes: Urban, Energetic, Expansive

Scioto Mile truly has something for every kind of photoshoot. This trail runs along the Olentangy river, past epic downtown views and through intimate wooded areas. Not sure which style or backdrop you want for your photos? You can easily walk or bike to new locations along the path to find the perfect setting

Sunrises, sunsets, golden hour and blue hour all offer big energy along the Mile. Whatever your vibe, Scioto’s got your back.

8. Downtown Granville, OH

Location: Granville, OH

Overview: Quaint college town right out of a Hallmark film

Vibes: Cute, Homey, Casual

Downtown Granville is home to picturesque Denison University, brick streets and historic homes. And the best part, all your favorite eats and treats are on the main strip! If you want a mix of rustic urban and classy quaint, Granville is the place to be.

Not sure where to start for photos? Try the garden behind the Buxton Inn, River Road Coffeehouse, The white barn of Bryn Du Mansion, or Franchion Lewis Park.

If you or your posse aren’t feeling the college or town vibes, don’t skip out on Granville just yet. Downtown has access to secluded asphalt and dirt walking trails; perfect for more private moments.

7. Jeffrey Park & Mansion

Location: 165 N Parkview Ave, Bexley, OH 43201

Overview: Community park starring breathtaking historical architecture!

Vibes: Whimsical, Medieval, High-End

Any location with Pride & Prejudice vibes is always a winner. The mansion on this property instantly elevates any wedding, family or senior photos. Dress to the nines or go casual for pin-worthy pics.

When you plan your trip, be sure to wander the entirety of the grounds. Enchanted gardens, and pine-tree-lined walking trails are all around, making for truly beautiful (Mr. Darcy approved) landscapes.

6. Hayden Run Falls Park

Location: 4460 Hayden Run Rd, Columbus, OH 43221

Overview: Local nature park!

Vibes: Energetic, Natural, Peaceful

Info: click here

Image courtesy of Robb McCormick Photography

Believe it or not, Ohio has some of the most underrated waterfalls. And who doesn’t love a waterfall as their backdrop?! This easily walkable nature park boasts a stunning waterfall for photos you won’t believe were shot just minutes from the city. There are plenty of secluded spaces throughout the park for intimate couples or family photos!

Remember to try visiting at sunrise or sunset for the dreamiest lighting.

5. The Dwell Box or Dwell House in Amish Country

Location: Dundee, OH

Overview: Modern treehouses and getaways!

Vibes: Romantic, Unique, Dreamy

Image courtesy of

Yep, these are all in Ohio’s Amish Country. The Dwell “dwellings” are intimate, private and completely photo-worthy. These getaways are the perfect photoshoot location for engagements, couple’s pics, maternity sessions and even double as the perfect weekend getaway.

Dreamy really is the word for these spots. When you schedule your photoshoot, make sure you schedule to stay overnight at least two nights (but, you’ll probably want to stay longer, tbh) so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and forge unforgettable moments.

4. Lynd Fruit Farm

Location: 9399 Morse Rd. SW, Pataskala, OH 43062

Overview: Farmer’s Market and Apple Orchard

Vibes: Playful, Filtered Light, Natural

Image from set of "June," shortfilm in post-production.

Lynd’s is home to everyone’s favorite fall activities and aesthetics:

  • Apple orchards for walking and picking

  • Corn maze

  • The iconic Market

  • Homemade home decor

…just to name a few.

While Lynd’s is SUPER popular in the fall, you’ll be able to find secluded spots for dreamy couples pics and rows for you and your friends to pick apples and get those cute candids. It’s one of my favorites because you can pick and pose at the same time! Perfect for camera-shy friends and partners.

P.S. Goldenhour has an extra pop at Lynd’s and the apple trees make for stunning filtered, playful lighting looks! Check them out!

3. Park of Roses

Location: 3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214

Overview: Community rose garden!

Vibes: Romantic, Classy, Intimate

A rose garden filled with photo opps! The Park of Roses offers a striking setting for any photoshoot year round. While the roses are only in bloom seasonally, the grounds are always manicured and feature plenty of colorful plants all through the fall. Along with being a sweet spot for a family stroll, or date night, this park is ideal for autumn family photos, cozy sweaters, and warm apple cider.

2. German Village

Location: German Village, OH

Overview: Walkable,charming downtown village!

Vibes: European, Charming, Cozy

Walk down any street in German Village and you’ve got the perfect backdrop at your fingertips.. The textured brick streets, colorful homes, and local shops make any outfit pop. It’s a great place for your whole group to meet up, take photos and grab some treats from Stauff’s or Pistachio Verra afterwards!

Carry on up the endearing atmosphere with a walk through Schiller Park. Sitting comfortably in the heart of German Village, and enjoy beautiful fall colors from the trees, elegant walking paths and playful park settings all around.

1. Hocking Hills

Location: Logan, OH

Overview: Gorgeous State Park!

Vibes: Grandiose, Calm, Intimate

Hocking Hills just might be Ohio’s best hidden gem. Yeah, I said it. It boasts miles and miles of hiking wooded trails, waterfalls, peaceful streams and stunning rock formations. And even for Ohio natives like myself, it lives up to the hype. This beautiful spot offers a whole new wow-factor come fall.

If you love your photos all-natural, full of texture and visual intrigue (besides YOU of course!!) this is your place. Even if you’re not an avid hiker or outdoorswoman, the trails aren’t challenging and are absolutely worth the breathtaking photo opps.


Well, what do you think?! There’s no shortage of spaces around central Ohio to make memories this fall (and the photo ops truly are endless!). As always, I recommend leaving any place better than you found it. Enjoy the moment as much as as the images, and you’ll create a genuinely special artifact to hold onto for a lifetime.

Visiting any of these spots this season? Be sure to tag me online (@indiajadephoto) in your photos to share what the experience was like for you! I can’t wait to see your fall content and celebrate your joy.

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