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6 Ways to LOVE Your Vendors

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We get it. It's likely your first time planning a big event. You're not used to vendors texting you back and forth. Plus, who knew there were so many vendors out there?! (I mean, there are people who make a living off of RIBBON services?!). Add the stress of planning a wedding annnndd, yeah it's a lot!

At the end of the day, the vendor is here to serve YOU. Not the other way around. That said, there are some practical ways to make their job easier and get you that core memory client sticker.

If you are swimming in questions around vendor etiquette, let's cut through the clutter. Here are 4 ways to love on your vendors:

✨ No Ghost Zone / I get it, emailing a million vendors can get fuzzy. But keep in mind at the other end of that inbox is a real human. When your inquiry hits, they might do a happy dance, or start geeking over your wedding location or even start making plans to clear their calendar in case you choose to book. Even if you go in a different direction, a short email saying so is all it takes to make a vendor feel seen, respected, and give them the confidence to open that requested date up for another project.

✨ Ask the question / Vendors want to make you happier than ever. If you have a question or clarification, pleaseeee vocalize it! The sooner the better. I promise vendors want to walk away knowing they helped answer your questions so that you can go in as confidently as possible to your event.

✨ Offer them a meal / My first wedding I had my dad bring me McDonalds because I was too scared to ask if I could eat 🤭 It is standard to include your full day vendors (Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Event Coordinator) in the meal count! Typically that will be included in the vendor's contract. Reach out to your vendor prior to the event to get their dietary restriction as well!

✨Offer them a seat / Trust me, I’ve been seatless far too many times and it can get heckin awkward. 🥴 The best place for your photo/video team to eat is in the reception room so they can grab their gear while the action is happening! Having a seat whether at a formal table or off to the side makes vendors feel loved & gives them a much needed break during a 8+ hr day on their feet.

Tips are welcome, but not required / Here's a breakdown on who may be expecting a tip:

- Hair Stylist - highly likely (each girl typically tips individually)

- Makeup Artist - highly likely (each girl typically tips individually)

- Bar Tender - highly likely (each guest typically tips individually)

- Nail Tech - highly likely (each tips individually, prior to wedding day)

- Florist - likley (paid prior to wedding day)

- Baker - likley (paid prior to wedding day)

- DJ - likely (paid prior to wedding day)

- Caterer - unlikely (always welcomed!)

- Photographer - unlikely (always welcomed!)

- Videographer - unlikely (always welcomed!)

✨ Leave them a review / Reviews mean the WORLD to small business owners. Do your vendor a favor and leave a few words on Google, their Facebook, or in an email to them! Here are some questions to answer in a review:

- how was your experience?

- how did they "wow" you?!

- would you recommend them to a friend?

- was anything not what you expected?

There are loads of ways to love on your vendor. I hope these 6 tips help clear up some clutter on a few basic ways to make working with vendors a smooth as h*ck ride.

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