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5 Tips for Flawless Couple's Photos

Because they don't just..happen ;)

You know when you see inspo photos on pinterest (or maybe my insta ;)) and the couples seem to look…well, flawless??

It’s common knowledge that if you’re getting your photos taken you most likely want to put on your fave fit and your best foot forward.  

But preparing for your photo session means more than just looking pretty. 

It’s not something most photographers talk about, but it’s something so vital to the outcome of the final images that I want to address it. The way you prepare for your photo session will affect how you act in front of the camera, and naturally, how your love shines through the camera. 

So here are 5 quick tips for prepping for your couple’s session:

1. pamper yourself any way you'd like

Girl to girl, I'd say build in time the week of your shoot for the essentials: hair, makeup, nails and shave the legs ;) If you want to level it up even more toss in a blow out, facial, spray tan, and a little outfit shopping spree.

2. emotionally prepare with your person

Sounds silly, but walking into a photo session without spending much time together beforehand won't bring up the best in either of you. Spend some time the week of on a date, or having time to connect emotionally. I promise you can see the difference in the photos.

3. be open for an adventure

Have a few options in mind, but be open to a little adventure. Maybe we'll change locations as the session goes on, or try something unexpected. Think running through the streets or grabbing a drink nearby, maybe laying in a bed of wildflowers, or jumping on the shoulders of your person.

4. move .. a lot

If you're working with me, you already know I don't have much time for the royal family posing. Sure, we'll start with one or two for portraits, but the emotion I'm after happens with you in motion. To get the dreamy cinematic stills that tell your story I'll prompt you to run and dance and swirl until you forget the camera is there altogether.

5. plan a date afterwards

For most guys I work with, photos aren't really their thing. But with the promise of a date night afterwards, the incentive is much more thrilling. Perhaps a dinner and drinks together or bowling and tacos with friends to help you both have something to look forward to doing afterwards.

Not so scary, right?? I encourage all of my couples to consider these tips before getting in front of the camera—and trust me, you can see the difference. 

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